Vasse has always been a place for people to come together.

For the Wardandi people, it was a place to meet, hunt and gather food. For the pioneers, it was somewhere to farm and raise a family. Today, Vasse is one of the fastest growing communities in the South West. And at its heart, you’ll find Vasse Village – your place to shop, relax and connect.

vasse village cafe dining

Here, sharing a meal with family and friends is just as easy as picking up your groceries. Leafy boulevards and landscaped green spaces help you relax and recharge. Public artworks inspire and showcase our local creativity. And the historic Wardandi Track, (formerly known as the Rails to Trails) provides a scenic walk and cycleway to the beach and our stunning natural surrounds.

Whether you’re one of our friendly locals or on your way down south, you’ll feel like part of the community at Vasse Village.