Melski McVee’s ‘Surrounded I See’ at Vasse Village

Melski McVee was selected from a shortlist of artists to install a colourful 30m long mural on the northern wall of the building facing the Coles carpark. Melski is a Perth-based artist who works primarily in community art, murals, sculptures and illustrations.

Her mural at Vasse Village, Surrounded I See, celebrates the surrounding local flora and fauna, featuring Pink Eared Ducks, Galaxias Truttaceus, a Phascogale, a Red Capped Parrot, Holly-leaved Banksia and Flowering Gums. The mural was hand painted by Mel with help from the local community at a mural painting event late 2018. Her work is a celebration of what is locally beautiful and quintessentially Australian.

Be sure to stop and check out all the colourful details of the mural on your next visit to Vasse Village.


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